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TDC Mod - GHK AK MAPLE LEAF Hopup unit

TDC Mod - GHK AK MAPLE LEAF Hopup unit

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Is your hopup adjustment wheel loosey-goosey? Do you feel like you simply can't tune your hop as finely as you'd like to?

This is a 3D printed drop-in hopup modification, which replaces the adjustment wheel with a frame that holds a small set screw. By removing the wheel, and inserting the frame your hopup unit will use a "Top Dead Center" method of adjustment. 

To install, disassemble your hopup unit. Remove the adjustment wheel and fit the 3D printed frame into place.

NOTE: The frame will be a VERY tight fit. Due to GHK's receivers all fitting together slightly differently I wanted to ensure that once assembled this unit would be rock solid. Because of this during assembly you may need to tap the frame into place to slide into the receiver area, or lightly sand the edges of the 3D printed frame itself. 

Included in this set is 1pc of frame with set screw & cut down Allen key.

The additional drawings shown in the gallery give an example of how the unit will look once assembled. This kit does not come with any of the barrel or other hopup components shown in this example.

This modification will only fit GHK AKs with the aftermarket MAPLE LEAF hopup unit installed. Unless an alternate style is explicitly listed, compatibility is not guaranteed.

All 3D printed items are constructed of 3D printed PLA plastic.
Color is black.
Surface finish may vary print-to-print.
Each listing is for a set of TDC components.

For bulk orders please contact me directly.

DISCLAIMER: Not for children under the age of 18. These products have ZERO compatibility with real firearms in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. They are NOT replica firearms, and are ONLY compatible with toy airsoft.

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