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500BB Speed Loader

500BB Speed Loader

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6mmProShop 500BB Speed Loader

This is the same speed loader you will see me use in all of my product videos, and the same loader I use during all research and development of my Speed Loader Adapters. I beat the hell out of these during R&D and they keep on going. Not only do I use them during design of the Adapters, I also carry two with me onto the field when I play (typically I have one with 0.3g BBs, and another with 0.2g BBs in a pouch for easy access).
Although the 6mmProShop speed loader looks VERY similar to other M4-mag-style loaders on the market, I can say from experience it is an incredible leap forward from the competition. I have had many players tell me “They have the same one at home” but realize they do not once they start looking at the details.
The biggest “tell” when looking at this speed loader versus any other similar loader on the market is the metal nozzle tip. No other loaders have this detail, only the 6mmProShop product does. I’ve purchased half a dozen similar speed loaders to test and they stopped working within a few days.

Now that you have heard my take on this product, please see the description straight from the manufacturer:
Developed after listening to the players and taking in the suggestions and criticism of currently existing speed loaders, 6mmProShop utilized this information to make improvements in their design.Without reinventing the wheel, 6mmProShop has made subtle improvements over the current popular loading system. These improvements include a wider feeding track as well as a BB agitator to help with jamming and stoppages. Other changes made were to the structural integrity of the loaders to make them more durable; these changes include using a new blend of reinforced high impact polymer. The 6mmProShop speed loaders come in various shapes and sizes (pistol mag, smg mag, rifle mag) allowing them to fit easily into magazine pouches for easy carrying and transportation.

- 1:1 Scale / Fits all AR-15 / M4 / M16 magazine pouches perfectly.
- Durable high strength polymer construction
- Ergonomically shaped with mold lines for a better grip
- Small, lightweight, and convenient to carry
- Quickly load standard-cap mags, mid-cap mags, shotgun shells, grenades, and revolvers
- Easy to fill trap door
- Translucent, allows you to see how much firepower is remaining
- Enlarged BB loading channel to reduce the frequency of jams and blockages
- BB agitator and extended plunger assists with feeding
- High quality steel spring for faster resetting plunger
- O-ring in feeding nozzle keeps BBs from falling out
- Reinforced aluminum feeding nozzle resists chipping, splitting, and warping
- Base plate cover slides on and off to protect the feeding nozzle when not in use
- Large short travel plunger
- Easier to use gas magazine adapter included
- Convenient storage compartment to store gas magazine adapter when not in use 

Smoke-Black coloration.

Each listing is for ONE speed loader.

For bulk orders please contact me directly.

DISCLAIMER: Not for children under the age of 18. Small parts. Choking hazard. These products have ZERO compatibility with real firearms in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. They are NOT replica firearms, and are ONLY compatible with toy airsoft.

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