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Magazine Gas Valve Tool

Magazine Gas Valve Tool

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3-in-1 tool for removing both fill valves, and release valves from your GBB magazines. A perfect tool to help disassemble leaky magazines in order to troubleshoot.

Works with GHK, WE, KSC, TM, KJW, KWA, WA, HFC, Maruzen, BELL, WELL, Socom Gear magazines and more.

Easily remove and install gas fill & release valves.

Smol size means it fits perfectly into your gun bag.

Laser etched wolf-head logo guarantees enemies will call their hits.

KEEP IN MIND! Before attempting to disassemble any part of your airsoft GBB magazine, ensure the gas tank is completely empty. Removing valves while the gas has any pressure will create a jet of freezing cold vapor which may damage/destroy your rubber seals, not to mention freeze your lil’ fingers.

Entire tool is steel. Color is blued-steel.

Each listing is for ONE valve key tool.

For bulk orders please contact me directly.

DISCLAIMER: Not for children under the age of 18. Small parts. Choking hazard. These products have ZERO compatibility with real firearms in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. They are NOT replica firearms, and are ONLY compatible with toy airsoft. 

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