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Hate trying to load your stubborn GBB mags using ANY kind of loader? (including your worn bruised little finger tips?) Have no fear a solution is here:

3D printed slide-on adapters that allow you to quickly and easily load your favorite GBB/GBBR mags using a standard speed loader. Note that these products are printed to order when our small stock runs out. We try to ship same or next day but depending on demand it might take an extra day or so to print your pieces, especially on larger orders.

1. Rock the adapter onto the front of the magazine lug, similar to how you would rock the AK mag into the airsoft replica!!! (Do not "hammer down" the adapter onto the magazine as is the intention with other models)
2. Insert the nozzle of your speed loader into the hole of the adapter. A special tooth inside the adapter pushes down a lever allowing for an easier first BB load.
3. Fill your mags quickly and confidently!

This loader will fit stock Tokyo Marui AKX magazines ONLY. This may not fit the AKM magazines as there are a few surface details which are unique. Unless alternate magazine style is explicitly listed, compatibility is not guaranteed.

All items are constructed of 3D printed PLA plastic.
Color is black.
Surface finish may vary print-to-print.
Each listing is for a single loader.

For bulk orders please contact me directly.

DISCLAIMER: Not for children under the age of 18. These products have ZERO compatibility with real firearms in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. They are NOT replica firearms, and are ONLY compatible with toy airsoft.

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